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Cay Mia - Your Skin Breathes - let it INHALE the benefits of NATURE


Deived from sugar cane, Cay Mia is rich in nature’s miracle molecules, a special (almost magical) natural formula consisting of Carbo Hydrate Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA).
Our NEW products are purposefully formulated with KMSO.

Understanding that inner beauty comes from eating nourishing foods and having an “attitude of gratitude”,
Cay Mia allows you to respect your outer self by treasuring your skin so that it radiates its inherent and innate beauty.

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Our Pigment clear is gentle on the skin but works wonders to correct hyperpigmentation. Apply on cleansed and toned skin daily on the whole face or where pigment occurs 🍉
What's your favourite thing about our pigment clear?
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Hyaluronic, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 serum to lift and tone the look of aging and sagging skin, while reducing discolouration due to sun damage, aging and acne scarring.
Packed with all this goodness, this product is not only anti-aging BUT, like all of our other products, is cruelty-free, paraben-free, preservative free and vegan!
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What our customers say:

A friend introduced me to Shirley and Cay Mia products about a year ago, after the imported products I was using became too expensive. The change felt quite risky after several years of using the same ‘big brand’ range, but from day one i was 100% converted. The care with which the products have been created is reflected in their exceptional quality. I’m extremely satisfied with the results and would recommend Cay Mia to anyone looking for a high end, all natural product

Eric Blignaut

I have been using Cay Mia skincare for over two years now and the results have been phenomenal . My skin looks more youthful now than 3 years ago .The results are almost instant after using the peel and the scrub/mask followed by their beautiful moisturizers. Not a day goes by without someone wanting to know the secret to my youthful looking skin. I can strongly recommend the whole skin and body range.

Linda Goldberg

Not only is Shirley an amazing woman who knows skin and recommends what is best for you. Her product is amazing I always used to battle with dry skin in winter since finding Cay Mia that is a thing of the past. I have had many a compliment on my skin since using the product. My partner also uses her products and has also seen tremendous benefit.

Samantha Taylor

I have used Cay Mia for a few years now.

I use the Peel and scrub in the morning to revitalise and wake up my skin. I also use that combination when I’m going out at night. It gives my skin an incredible glow!

I find it absolutely delicious to use! The eye gel is amazing, it hydrates the area around my eyes.

I can feel the nourishing, healing energy that has been put into the product!

The wrinkle serum is fabulous! My skin soaks up the multi moisture.

People are often commenting on my skin, saying that I look younger than my years! I definately put it down to using Cay Mia every day!

Jeanneane Sigertson

After continually having a dehydrated skin and every therapist telling me how dry my skin is, I  cannot  believe the change.  My skin now glows and feels enriched.  I just love the scrub and peel which leaves my skin feeling smooth and younger.

The new  body oil and cellutone body has transformed me leaving my entire body feeling nourished and looking great.

Well done Shirls. you have changed my skin tone forever.


For many years I have suffered with dry skin and every time I go for a facial my beauty therapist says the same thing… looks good but just a bit dehydrated.

The very first facial I went to after starting to use Cay Mia, she commented, “Wow!! Your skin looks amazing!! No dryness at all!”

And even she has agreed that her products are definitely not as well suited to my skin as Cay Mia.

I also love the Wash and every time I use the peel and the scrub I feel as if I have given myself a mini facial. My skin literally glows.

It’s a fabulous product which I am very grateful that my dear friend introduced me to.

Jackey Heyman

I feel like a new women, Shirley you are a genius with an amazing talent. Thank you for exposing me to this wonderful range of skin treatment. My very best is the home peel, it leaves my skin glowing! Thank you!

Michelle Rosenthal

As a nutritionist who specializes in skin and has a handcrafted coconut oil based skincare line, Cay Mia is my favorite complimentary skincare line that truly penetrates the surface without harmful ingredients.

Lauren Rashap